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The heart of everything we do is our food and the great people we serve in our community. Since  2010 we have worked hard to earn the admiration of our community, providing authentic African food, and we are determined to keep raising the standard. 

If you need to pick up lunch or dinner or site with family and friends we have a place for you. We also offer online ordering and pickup serves. If you are too busy to come Grubhub and Door Dash are options for you to consider. 

Our offer a wide range of very popular west African Staples, Waakye, Jollof, chicken, fish, goat meat, stew, bean stew, choffi, spaghetti, mixed vegetables, white rice, fried plantain, gari fortou, and shitto. 

all our food is prepared with locally sourced produce, some of our spices are imported to give you the authentic African flavor.  

With the many events to celebrate leave the cooking to us, we provide catering services for up to 100 guests. Tell us what you need, it will be ready for you. 

Let's serve you lunch if you live n Beltsville or are visiting. 

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